Tea Tree Oil 10 ml

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(Melaleuca Alternifolia essential oil)
Tea tree Oil first aid by DENIKADISANTO
Tea Tree is a plant cultivated mainly in Australia, in the humid regions of New South Wales. Malaleuca Alternifolia (better known as tea tree) belongs to the family of myrtacae and has a characteristic aromatic and fresh scent. The name ‘tea tree’ was given by Capitan Cook who landed with his crew in Australia where used the leaves of this plant to prepare an healthy herbal tea that also healed several troubles. Already aborigines knew about the beneficial properties of tea tree’s leaves which were used to heal wounds and sores but also to keep away pests. They used also the cortex to purify water swamp.
Today the tea tree oil is considered to be a ‘first aid kit in a bottle’: to bring it everywhere and always have it in the pocket, during a trip, at work ,at holidays, in sporting clubs, on the beach, or on the mountain. It could be very useful in any moments. In USA is very well known and thanks to internet this essential oil is spread in all over Europe. Tea tree oil is now very common both as essential oil and as main ingrident in cosmetic products for skin care, and for all the family.


Melaleuca Alternifolia essential oil
Tea tree Oil first aid by DENIKADISANTO

The Tea Tree (Melaleauca Alternifolia) is a plant cultivated in Australia, in the wetlands of the New South Wales region.

Melaleuca Alternifolia belongs to the Mirtaceae family and has a fresh and aromatic scent. The name “Tea Tree” was invented by Captain Cook who, having landed with his sailors in Australia, used the leaves of this plant to prepare a healthy herbal tea with a pleasant taste, but also to cure various skin care problems.

The Aborigines knew the beneficial properties of the leaves of Tea Tree Oil, which they also used to treat wounds and sores and to keep pests away.

Today the Tea Tree Oil is considered the “first aid kit in a small bottle“, to carry in your pocket anytime and anywhere, at home, on holiday, at work, in sports centers, at sea or on the mountains.

Western people have known the Tea Tree Oil in the last century and since then it has been generally used for many applications.

Tea Tree Oil DENIKADISANTO is a 100% pure essential oil obtained by cold distillation of the leaves of Melaleuca Alternifolia, original Australian, without any additives and pharmaceutic grade. Delicate but effective, with less than 2.5% cineol

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    Massimo De Martino

    Prodotto straordinario, comodo da portare in giro, un vero angelo custode che ti cura per tutto o quasi 🙂 ferite, influenza… consigliatissimo!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Non temo più i brufoli occasionali, mi basta una goccia di quest’olio e il giorno seguente il mio viso è perfetto e omogeneo: lo aggiungo sempre alla mia maschera viso! Nel mio beauty sempre e comunque, non saprei proprio come fare senza!

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